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Our Amarillo Realtors are Reaching into the Hearts of Home Buyers


Buying a home can be a daunting experience. It’s a lifelong commitment and signing on the dotted line is akin to saying your wedding vows in front of your family and friends. It’s also an incredibly exciting experience.

You’ll find that doubt, nerves, jitters, and anticipation are all par for the course on the road to home buying. We’re here to put all those fears to rest. We look at how the best Amarillo Realtors can help you with buying a house and taking the first step to prosperous future for you and your family.

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The Financial Freedom of Owning a Home

It’s ironic, really, that we often fear to buy a home because of the perceived financial burden. The truth is, buying a home is financially liberating. You may be swapping a slightly lower rental for a high mortgage, but every cent you put towards your home is an investment in your future.

Additionally, rent might be cheaper in the first few years, but every year your landlord will increase the rent. And over time, the interesting part of your mortgage will decrease. Paying rent puts a roof over your head, but it’s burning money because once you move out you have very little to show for it. Your mortgage may be a 20-year commitment between you and your bank, but it’s just between you two and once those 20 years are up, it’s all yours!


Individual Freedom

This is your house and you can do what you want with it! To a degree, of course. Hate the color of the kitchen tiles? Change it. Prefer an open plan kitchen and dining area? Knock down some walls. This is your space and you can make at as comfortable as you like for you and your family.

There won’t be any landlords calling up and advising you to remove the nailed-to-the-wall picture frames or telling you that you can’t have any pets. A home for the whole family brings peace of mind and a completely different degree of comfort and freedom.


Peace and Privacy

If you’ve been renting a house as opposed to an apartment, then you may already know the benefits of having space between you and your neighbors. Even so, a lot of rented homes are constructed using plywood or low-quality drywall.

However, when buying a home, you would usually go for something that is built out of concrete and stucco, which is better at softening neighborhood noise. Even if this isn’t enough for you, following on the individual freedom above, you can make medications to your home and add fences and gates for more privacy.


Tax Benefits

The government wants you to own a home so it’s made buying a place attractive in several ways. You may have heard that when owning comes with additional expenses such accounting costs and property taxes. The mention of additional taxes is enough to put anyone off, but when you own a home, these expenses are tax-deductible.

It can get a bit complicated, but some of the best Amarillo realtors have advised that you can also deduct the interest you pay on a line of credit, which means that any credit card debt can be shifted to a home equity loan where you pay a lower interest rate and aren’t subjected to the crazy interest rates that come with a credit card.


You’re Saving While Buying a Home with Our Amarillo Realtors

At some point, we’ve all had to do the dreaded dip into the rainy-day funds at least once. Sometimes, emergency savings plan doesn’t even exist, so out comes the credit card. When you buy a home, you’re also buying into a built in a rainy-day fund. Owning a home is the only way you can spend, save, buy, and benefit all in one go. If there’s an emergency, owning a home allows you to borrow money on the equity you’ve built up by paying your mortgage.

A home with a low-interest rate opens the doors for you to get financing in the event of the emergency or other pressing expenses. We would be remiss to mention that owning a home comes with a responsibility. Paying on time means that you can use all these benefits, but late payments incur interest penalty fees that can be avoided simply by being responsible with your mortgage payments.


The Memories You Make

Imagine this: you’ve been renting a house for more than 10 years, you’re happy, your family is happy. You have the varying heights of your daughter on the wall and the pen scribbles of your son on the floor. You have the dog kennel out back and the cat bed by the couch. And then your landlord sells the house and you’re forced to vacate. The walls get painted, the kennel gets moved, and the familiarity and memories of the home your kids have grown up in are gone.

This wouldn’t happen if you owned a home. Sure, you might decide to move one day, but that’s a choice that you’re in control of, it’s not a decision made by someone else. Owning a home allows you, your children, and your pets to get comfortable in the neighborhood – to make lifelong friends and to find safe streets to roam. It’s something that can be passed down to the next generation.


Our Amarillo Realtors are helping You Leave Your Family with Something

We’re a nation that works hard. We do this for several reasons – for our creature comforts, for security, and most of all, for our families. We want them to have the best life. We don’t want them to carry the same financial burdens that plagued us.

One of the best ways you can secure the ultimate security for your anyone in your family is to own a home. It’s an investment that can be passed down to them and if handled smartly, it’s an investment that will keep paying out.


We hope we’ve shown you that despite any feelings of apprehension, owning your own home is the best decision you can make. You can’t put a price on the memories that will be made and the family gatherings that will be sure to follow. It’s perfectly normal to have questions and concerns but don’t let this stop you from taking control of your own future.