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Why Choose Amarillo?


Situated near the center of the Texas Panhandle, Amarillo -sometimes called “The Yellow Rose of Texas”– is a beautiful and bustling city. With numerous attractions, such as the Cadillac Ranch and the American Quarter Horse Association, there is never a lack of things to do or see. Sports fans will not be disappointed either, as the city is home to the Amarillo Venom football team. Other interesting features include the Don Harrington Discovery Center and several museums. Despite its size, the city offers its own particular brand of welcome and charm that visitors and residents alike view as a welcome change of pace from normal city life. Some could even say it is a large city with small town views and morals. Amarillo Real Estate is very proud to offer homes in this area.


Who Should Move To Amarillo?


Families will find comfort in the secure, quiet neighborhoods, while single people can enjoy a modest nightlife. Amarillo Real Estate has affordable, attractive homes located throughout the city. Even luxurious, spacious country-style homes are available for people with large families, even in the city itself. Homes in the area usually feature a classic, Midwestern style, combined with almost Southern flair. Properties with large, fenced yards are available and can easily fit into any family’s budget. Smaller townhouses are also easy to purchase if an individual is not in the market for a sprawling house.

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Amarillo’s weather is different than most of the state since it is situated in the high plains. One thing all towns in the panhandle pride themselves on is having four seasons and the city of Amarillo is no different. Summers are generally pleasantly warm, while winters do normally welcome some snowfall. Spring and Autumn’s months bring cooler temperatures, occasional rain, and thunderstorms. Gardeners should be pleased to note that there is a very long growing season and it is possible to grow a wide variety of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Largely temperate, even the winters are rather comfortable. Anyone wanting a change of scenery would be very happy to move to Amarillo. Because of its unique climate, the area has several interesting natural features just waiting to be explored.


Natural Attractions


The Amarillo Botanical Gardens offer wine tasting and feature both indoors and outside gardens. During Christmas, they put on dazzlingly captivating light displays. Meanwhile, the Wildcat Bluff Nature Center allows visitors to experience the captivating, austere beauty of the high plains. Visitors can see local wildlife in their own environments while learning about the area’s history and culture. Richard Daniel Baker Peace Park is a garden that must be seen to be believed- it features countless signs that have thought-provoking messages of peace and understanding. Anyone that visits it walks away with their own message about the displays. John Stiff Memorial Dog Park, while not a nature park, is a wonderful place for dog owners to relax and let their dogs play.




Parents should be relieved to note that there are numerous schools they can choose to enroll their children in. There are four high schools, an alternative school, thirty-six primary schools and nine middle schools available. There are also several religious and private schools, a charter school and a Montessori. This not only provides the opportunity for parents to decide where to enroll their children but also makes sure that class sizes are relatively small. Six large colleges are available as well- and some of them offer on-campus housing. People seeking secondary education are not limited to just a few degree choices either; some of the colleges are extremely high-rated and offer numerous degree plans.

History and Culture


Those who live in Amarillo are lucky to be in a place rich with culture and history. American Indians were the first settlers of the area and their past can be seen in numerous artistic displays, museums dedicated to their heritage and literature throughout the city. History buffs would be very proud to buy Amarillo Real Estate. A very diverse crowd makes Amarillo, Texas, their home; people from all walks of life exist peacefully together, which is not seen very often. For as large a city as it is, crime is very low and it is a very quiet place to live. 


Medical Facilities


Medical facilities are something that can be found in abundance in the city. Many hospitals, clinics, and medical schools offer round-the-clock health care to anyone who requires their services. Several pharmacies are located in the city itself, which gives people of Amarillo quick access to their medications. When an individual has a medical emergency, dispatchers are very quick to issue an ambulance driven by extremely knowledgeable and professional paramedics. Specialized facilities can be found throughout the city as well. Mental health facilities and private therapists have easily accessed offices all over Amarillo.




Jobs are very easy to find in the regional economic center of the Texas panhandle. Industries range from meat packing to oil fields and everything between. No matter what trade a person has specialized in, they will find work near your new Amarillo Real Estate. Its economy is constantly growing because of a steady demand in all fields, which should help set job seekers’ minds at ease. Centers offering job training are very easy to locate, as are day labor centers. All a person needs to do in order to find employment is simply look around.




Buses and taxis are available most of the day and night, which is a convenience for people who do not have a car. Bus stops are located near shopping centers and attractions, which makes it easy for people to commute without walking great distances. Taxi rates do vary based on how far someone wants to travel and bus passes can be purchased from bus depots. However, it is possible to simply walk through downtown and take in all of its sights and attractions as well. Passenger trains do not operate anywhere in the city.